iOS 13 – iOS 13.3 – Everything You Need To Know

The most significant update for iOS users by Apple Inc is here. The iOS 13 is a massive update for iOS users as this major update brings you hundreds of new features, updates and improvements. We can say that iOS 13 is the most significant update released for iOS in the previous years.

To bring the wishlist of the iOS users, Apple worked hard to add the much-awaited requests of Apple fans. With the massive iOS 13 updates, Apple made the iOS experience even better with some significant features for users. So let’s discuss more the features we had from the latest iOS 13 update by Apple.

What’s New With iOS 13?

I know you are much awaited to see what’s new with iOS 13. As for sure, iOS 13 has plenty of brand new updates and features all for you. So without any further due, let’s get started.


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the first thing I want to cover inside of the new messages application we now have additional features built-in. For example, you can share a specific name and photo with a particular group of people so in messages you can now create a customer name and a custom image to share with a selected group of people. So, sort of like a profile in messages we also have Memoji and Animoji stickers built into the message’s application on every single iPhone.

So for example, the iPhone SE and if we go into the messages, we see that we have an Animoji and Memoji stickers built into the new messages applications. So now you’ll be able to create a Memoji rather you have a face ID device or not. You can edit these emojis you also have the emoji stickers which are built into the emoji and an emoji stickers a section of the messages application.

So a ton of enhancements to the messages application with iOS 13 including improved search there’s also advanced search within the messages you can search for photos contacts emails and things like that so refine the search with Siri integration in messages as well so across the board significant improvements to the Messages app.


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Now next I want to talk about the Photos applications. There’s a ton of enhancements to the Photos app. first up there’s a new UI I like it a lot these tiles like looking interface on Apple photos. Apple gathers information of your favourite content within photos application and creates a slideshow that you can view.

With years month or days and this allows you to enjoy your content every time you open the photos application. It a lot cleaner a lot nicer and again you can enjoy your content. Stuff that you don’t necessarily go back and see you can see it at a glance with this new UI.

I like it a lot Apple uses artificial intelligence as well to kind of gather information about some of your favourite photos the ones you want and it creates a slideshow for you. So you can view these when you open the photos application. I like that a lot now.

We have under albums, some videos we also have the ability now to edit videos just like we could with photos in iOS 12. So if you’re writing a video you can now crop the video you can also add filters a ton of different effects. Everything capable with photos it’s now capable for your iPhone to edit a video so I like this option a lot so a ton of options to edit video on iPhone and iOS

Dark Mode

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Dark mode can be activated by haptic touch or 3d touch pressing on the screen. You can enable it directly from the control centre. You also have now an extension under control centre that you can also add to activate dark mod. So there is the dark mode extension you can, of course, bring it from here to here and this will bring it to the actual control centre. We can enable dark mode from there.

The dark mode is one of those features that everybody wanted or most people wanted. It looks amazing. It works great especially on OLED displays like an iPhone X Max. also works on any iPhone so not only the brand new iPhones get dark mode but any iPhone in iOS 13. As I mentioned does also feature dark mode, and it is fully featured with all the extensions within the control centre and so.

Hectic touch / long press

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Other features like hectic touch or long-press on the display that was brought to every single iPhone will make your iPhone feel like an entirely new device. As I mentioned before hectic touch or long-press on the screen of any iPhone will now allow you to bring up additional menus. And this was only possible on hectic touch devices or 3d touch devices in iOS 12 but, Apple now brought this to every single iPhone with iOS 13.

So when you get a text message you can 3d touch into the text mess quick replies you can also share photos and 3d touch on photos to edit and things like that. The new sharing options are built into iOS 13 as well, so you have all your suggestions here. Where you can share and all of the settings for sharing has also been adjusted here and again, this translates to every single device.

Battery Health Options

Another feature I do love about iOS 13 that helps improve battery health. In the long run for every single iPhone are very happy that, Apple brought this again to every iPhone is under the batteries categories and then, battery health we have a new optimised battery charging option.

This will allow your battery health to be preserved and your battery will last longer throughout the years as you use your iPhone so just a bunch of UI enhancements but also real software features that will help users in the long run.

Apple Arcade

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Another fantastic feature coming to iOS 13 is Apple arcade. Now Apple arcade will be launching on September the 19th with unlimited access to over a hundred games on your iPhone. And this could be shared with multiple users so you can get a family plan or a subscription for all of your devices. And there are no Ads. There’s going to be exclusive titles and you can download and play the games offline.

Apple will be bringing family sharing to Apple arcade. If you’re a big gamer, you’re going to love the new apple arcade platform that’s coming to iOS 13 on September the 19th, and you can find these categories here under the app stores section.

So Apple arcade will be in your App Store, and you can download and play all these games and share with your friends and family. You can start a game on your iPhone you can continue on Apple TV. This is going to be an excellent platform for gamers

New Audio Features

List of features in iOS 13 is just going on and on for example, in the audio section. We now have the new audio sharing features where you can share audio with multiple devices and controls those devices separately and their audio services as well. And We have additional 3d touch options within the menus in the actual music application. We have other features built into the music app for example, one of my favourites is the real music and audio lyrics synced to the actual music or if you’re playing music this has sort of like a karaoke looking like an interface here where you can follow and sing along your favourite tracks. It’s just a list of new features goes on and on.

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